Personalized Hand Models for VR

For a truly immersive experience

Hand shape space General hand model

I've always preferred story-driven games to the competitive ones. When diving into a game like this, one experiences a variety of emotions and may also grow as a person at the end. Despite all that I came to the realization that we might control these characters  — our avatars in a way—, but in effect, they have nothing to do with us!

When playing a game, you see the body and hands of your playable avatar instead of your own. You can customize your character in some MMORPGs, but it still requires heavy manual tweaking to make them look like you.

This is even more relevant in virtual reality, where the control is, literally, in the player's hands. Hand-object interaction is in the center of a great virtual reality experience.

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Crowdsourcing Image Labeling for Anime and Cartoon Dataset

This post is the continuation of Anime or Cartoon? – Let the AI decide. In it I describe the project I’m collecting the data for.

In Deep Learning we often work with huge datasets and this project is no exception. I collected around 300.000 images from both anime and cartoons. Processing this many images is not an easy task though. After downloading the images from various sources, I quickly looked into them and found a few potential issues…

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Neural Style transfer with Deep Learning

Deep learning is currently a hot topic in Machine learning. The best way to illustrate this is probably through Neural Style Transfer. To get a better understanding of how this technique works I created a couple of images with the original code:

Golden bridge with the style of a snowy scene from Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinner

Golden bridge with the style of a snowy scene from Kara no Kyoukai – The Garden of Sinner

Golden bridge with the style of an apocalyptic scene from the same anime

Golden bridge with the style of an apocalyptic scene from the same anime

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A Design Overview of VR Titles

I’ve got access to an HTC Vive recently thanks to Kibu and I spent my past few weeks playing most of the games available. In this post I’ll share what I’ve learned from playing these games and watching others play them. I’ll walk around the different design solutions in these games especially applied to the Vive.

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Drone Camp 2016

Group photo of campers with their drones

The campers & their drones

After a long year of learning about drones we traveled to Lake Balaton for a weekend to finally build them! During the weekend we assembled two quadcopters and modified an existing one to enable mobile control.

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OnePlus Loop VR headset

OnePlus Loop VR Headset

OnePlus Loop

After OnePlus announced it would give out free VR headsets for their product launch, the first 30.000 units were almost instantly sold out.

I wasn’t aware of that when I first read about it on their Facebook page. It wasn’t obvious what they meant by a “free VR headset” and I was disappointed by the lack of proper Android updates so I didn’t pay much attention to it. (I believed it was free _if _I pre-ordered  the OnePlus 3)

When I realized my mistake, it was long over. Fortunately for me I reverse engineered the link which indicates the availability of the headset and I looked at it just at the right moment for the second round.

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