Atmo at SMART 2016 conference

We showcased our project at SMART 2016. We had limited space, so we could only bring a camera to demonstrate the die tracking system. Therefore we recorded the animations and light effects beforehand and played it on the adjacent TV when someone tossed the dice.

Atmo booth at SMART conference

Atmo booth at SMART conference

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Labyrinth Generation


Randomly generated labyrinth in Minecraft

I’ve been making mods for Minecraft for a long time but now I started a bigger project called The Elysium. It’s a good opportunity to try out new methods and algorithms.

I came up with the Labyrinth idea recently based on Greek Mythology. A randomly generated Labyrinth System stretching out bellow the whole dimension. This holy dungeon would hold captive the fallen heroes of The Elysium. Sounds cool, huh?

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